A Scan to Pdf Expert

Digitize your documents with a simple click, scan, and save process!

FlashScan is a comprehensive mobile document scanning application that scans all types of documents.Apply professional filters to enrich scanned results.

Why FlashScan?

Organize your work in a Flash!

Features Of Document Scanner

Your All-in-one scanning station!

1 Create Cleaner, Sharper PDFs With Ease

Turn your handheld device into a handy pocket scanner! Just take pictures of the documents through your device camera and get high-resolution scans!FlashScan digitizes your documents to PDF in fraction of seconds.

2 Any Document Can Be A Favorite Document!

Want easy access to the documents you use the most? Mark those documents as "Favorite" and access them quickly anytime!

3 Share Your Scans

Share your scans wherever you want to! Thanks to FlashScan's extended support to all the major cloud storage services.

4 Organize Like A Pro!

FlashScan is an intuitive document manager. You can quickly find out the documents with the "Search"option.

Professional Filters: Scanning Experience Evolved!

Enhance your scanning experience with Professional Filters.

Professional Filters: Scanning Experience Evolved!

Enhance your scanning experience with Professional Filters.

  • Original

    Original is authentic! Keep the document just the way it is!

  • Magic Color

    Magnify the visual effects of the document with vibrant magical colors!

  • Grey Mode

    A special smoothening effect to make your document "office-ready".

  • Black & White 1

    Apply real Black and White and make your document timeless!

  • Black & White 2

    Remove shadow and turn your document into a classic professional paper!

Auto Document Edge Detection

Auto page-edge detection removes a busy background and generates clear, sharp, and accurate JPEG or PDF scans.

Recent Documents

Access your most recent documents directly from the home screen.

Features Of OCR

Image to text extract expert

Save as Text
Share Scan
OCR recognizes the characters from an image. It makes all your scans auto-searchable. Copy text to the clipboard or Re-scan if you are not satisfied with the current result.

You can also translate recognised text from English to other languages.

Features Of QR/Barcode

The sharpest QR/Barcode Reader

More Features Included
  • A Simple, fast and user-friendly application.
  • You can anytime Rescan the codes.
  • Copy the result to the clipboard.
  • search directly in the web browser.

A Scan to Pdf Expert

  • Doc Scanner

  • OCR (Image to Text)

  • QR/Bar Code